The Future is Now:Fort Hudson Enters the Digital Age of Electronic Records

At midnight on March 1st, Fort Hudson took another giant leap into the digital age and its Electronic Health Record system by implementing electronic medication administration.  We are at the forefront in use of Electronic Health Records and eliminating the traditional “paper” methods that most facilities use.  Our system allows clinical and financial staff to maintain, communicate, and store resident data in digital format through laptop computers and touch screen technology.  Our fully integrated system allows information to flow throughout all aspects of business, interfacing with other disciplines, and achieving efficiency for staff, enhanced accuracy of documentation, and improved coordination of care. 

Concerns of how employees would adopt this change were quickly put to rest.  Within only hours of starting the electronic medication system, many, including staff nurse Sher MaGuire stated “I was so nervous about today.  Now, I can’t imagine going back to the old system and old ways.  This is cutting edge!”   Fort Hudson began the transition to electronic health records in September 2010, implementing one module at a time.

Fort Hudson is at the forefront of utilizing technology to improve operations and resident care.  In addition to the clinical systems, Fort Hudson utilizes advanced wireless technology in its security and wandering prevention system.  In 2006, Fort Hudson worked directly with Siemens Building Technologies to invest in improvements with heating and ventilation controls, gaining significant cost savings through advanced integrated technology. Currently, all systems are continuously monitored electronically, offer remote access for adjustments, and allowing for maximum utility efficiency.

“Fort Hudson recognizes the benefits that advanced technology systems offer.  Improved quality of care, reducing costs and allowing staff to focus more on the residents instead of the paper – that’s what we achieve” says Andrew Cruikshank, Chief Executive Officer.

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