Health tip of the week: 10 best kept food secrets

As many of us aim for a healthier lifestyle & slimmer fit – we all look to food and what it can or cannot do for us.  Some tips are well publicized…eat fish, reduce portions, avoid processed foods, avoid sugar drinks, eat whole grains etc.  We thought it would be fun to share a few MORE tips…the less commonly known  secrets to healthier living!

1. drink a 2nd cup of coffee – YAY!  studies have shown it may reduce chances of adult onset diabetes

2. pass up ‘family style’ eating & keep serving dishes off the table.  Plating your meals at the counter keeps you from multiple helpings simply to ‘finish off’ the bowl.

3. practice total recall – THINKING of your lunch may cue your brain that you are full, giving you the strength to skip the candy dish or vending machine you pass by through the workday.

4. eat protein at every meal – cheese stick, handful of nuts, a rolled piece of deli meat etc. – it will help you stay feeling full for longer.

5. choose rye bread over wheat.  Studies show Rye Bread is the grain bread that keeps you feeling full for the longest time period.

6. stop the madness…salad can be as unhealthy as chicken wings and french fries if you stack everything on it, including ‘high test’ cream dressing.  Keep vegetables fresh and chose a dressing that is lighter.

7. Sip green tea – it is believed to build stronger bones…and has added perk to fight off bad breath!

8. a little too much the night before? – eat asparagus.  It more than doubles enzymes that metabolize alcohol, so you feel better twice as fast

9. Put your fork down when you chew, or take 2 sips of water between each bite.  Both will allow your brain to keep up with your stomach, avoiding the overstuffed feeling

10. choose food with fewest ingredients, and aim for the most natural.  Rule of thumb — if a 7 yr old cannot pronounce it, its a chemical ingredient and you should avoid it.

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