ALL FHNC STAFF: Mandatory Inservice #3 Schedule Now Posted

All Fort Hudson Nursing Center staff are required to attend the following inservice:

Topic: Fire Watch, Customer Service, Sexual Harassment/Workplace Violence, Body Mechanics
Duration: One Hour
Location: Jane McCrea Dining Room (if change in location, signage will be available)

Dates/Times available to choose:
Monday September 14 — (2) 10:00am AND 2:05pm
Tuesday September 15 — (3) 1:00pm AND 9:00pm AND 10:05pm
Wednesday September 16 — UPDATED: NO SESSIONS HELD
Thursday September 17 — (2)10:00 am AND 2:05pm
Friday September 18 — (1) 1:00 PM
* This inservice will become available online following live presentations.

ANY questions or concerns can be directed to Barb Celeste, RN Staff Development Coordinator at 747-2811 ext 267

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