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4-22-2021 – Nursing Center Visitation on Pause

4-22-2021 Update: During routine employee testing, a single positive case was identified.  This individual is fully vaccinated.  As required by current regulation, visitation is put on pause until we complete one full round of resident and employee testing, with confirmed negative results.  All tests results are expected to be returned by Saturday. As this employee…
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4-20-2021 Update: In an effort to communicate as broadly as possible to everyone this may impact, we wish to communicate that due to high volume of visitors on weekends, the Nursing Center is transitioning to WEEKEND VISITATION BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. This begins this coming weekend April 24-25th and will continue until further notice. Appointments will…
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update: 4/13/2021 Nursing Center Visitation Resumes beginning 1:30 TODAY!

Great news — Fort Hudson Nursing Center VISITATION RESUMES at 1:30PM today! Evening visitation will proceed as planned 6:30-7:30pm (Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays) We STRONGLY ENCOURAGE visitation outside of the following mealtimes, as your visit will be delayed until your loved one finishes their meal. Most units serve breakfast between 8:30-9:30a. Lunch is served/consumed between…
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update: 4/11/2021 – Visitation on Temporary Pause

4-11-21 Update for family / friends planning to visit the Fort Hudson Nursing Center: Visitation on Temporary Pause — an employee tested positive for COVID 19 today, (which was a community exposure). As required by State and Federal regulations, visitation must be PUT ON HOLD until a full round of resident testing can be completed….
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April 5, 2021 – Fort Hudson Nursing Center Visitation On Temporary Pause

4-5-2021 Update: Visitation on Temporary Pause — During routine employee testing, an employee without symptoms tested positive for COVID 19 today.  As required by State and Federal regulations, visitation must be put on hold until a full round of resident testing can be completed.  This has already been initiated and will be completed by tomorrow. …
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