Sarah Nordquist Named Fort Hudson Nursing Center: CNA of the Year!

It is with great pleasure that we announce Fort Hudson’s Certified Nursing Assistant of the Year — Sarah Nordquist. Sarah entered our CNA class August of 2010, then certified September 2010.
Sarah was recently recognized at a regional awards banquet held at The Century House Restaurant in Latham NY.

Several quotes that summarize Sarah’s nomination are:
“When we were asked if there was anyone we would like to nominate for CNA of the YEAR we thought of Sarah. The first thing you notice when meeting Sarah is her smile. No matter whether a quiet or challenging night, she is smiling. Sarah has been asked many times to switch a shift or float to a different area, and she does it willingly and without complaint. She is always eager to help and works well with coworkers. She has initiative, looks at what needs to be done, and then does it! She interacts with her residents with a warm, caring, and positive attitude.”
“Sarah is awesome, always eager, a positive role model, and a team player.”
“I believe Sarah does her job 100% and goes above and beyond what is asked of her. she has earned the privilege to be called CNA of the YEAR for Fort Hudson Nursing Home!”

CONGRATULATIONS Sarah – we are proud of you!FullSizeRender

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