New Staff Program to Support Healthier Lifestyle!

Are you hearing the buzz about “Field Goods”?   There is a new subscription program started at Fort Hudson for employees and the feedback is amazing!  In the words of Amy Adams, Homecare Staff Development “This is fantastic!”

The company, Field Goods works with local growers to offer fresh produce weekly — with the bonus convenience of having it delivered right to Fort Hudson.  Convenience by avoiding that extra trip to the market!

The program offers a $20, $25, $30 weekly subscription, where the staff person can pick the size of the order – single, standard, or family.  The program offers flexibility offering changes, selections, and cancellation at any time.  The produce is home grown from local growers.  The added benefit is the support to local farmers!

For more information, contact Ken Burl, Registered Dietician at 747-2811 x274.

Join the bandwagon of convenient, fresh, local produce — join the bandwagon to a healthier lifestyle!

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