Fort Hudson Submits Proposal to Acquire Home Care Programs

As you have likely read in the newspapers, Washington County has taken steps to sell its various health care programs, including Pleasant Valley and their three home care programs.  Over the past several months, the County has worked with a consultant who specializes in this type of process.  Following a comprehensive evaluation of their programs,  the County called for a “request for proposals” in May, inviting responses from interested parties.

On July 13th, Fort Hudson submitted its proposal to purchase the three home care programs.  This includes the Certified Home Health Agency, the Long Term Home Health Care Program, and Hospice.  Expanding our home care program is an important step in the continual evolution of Fort Hudson as a regional and comprehensive provider of services.  The ability to operate under expanded licensure is the next logical step, and one that is fully embraced by the Fort Hudson Board of Directors.

Fort Hudson’s proposal to Washington County is comprehensive.  We have addressed every issue believed to be important in their decision.  This includes recognition of the very talented and dedicated employees currently providing care to their patients.  It also emphasizes the need for these services to be under the direction of a local community organization, and not a ‘for-profit’ entity from another part of the state.  Finally, it emphasizes the fact that when it comes to providing care and service to seniors…there is simply no one better than Fort Hudson!

During the next few months, this issue will likely be the topic of conversation in both public and private venues.  It is an emotional experience for many, but most importantly for the county employees and Town Supervisors who will ultimately decide on the future of these services.  I will provide periodic updates through the Fort Hudson blog as they come along.  As always, please contact me at any time with any questions or concerns you might have. 
-Andy Cruikshank

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