Fort Hudson Home Care IS GROWING with approved program expansion!

We are pleased to announce that FH Homecare was just approved to offer 2 additional programs as part of the NHTD (Nursing Home Transition & Diversion program) AND TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury program). The first program – WELLNESS COUNSELING is designed to help a medically stable person, who generally does not access nursing service, to maintain optimal health status. The second program – INDEPENDENT LIVING SKILLS TRAINING is designed to improve a person’s ability to live independently in the community and recover skills diminished by disability.

Fort Hudson Home Care, along with Fort Hudson Service Coordination, is growing. Particularly growth is seen in Saratoga Springs and throughout Saratoga County. The approval of these two programs, together with the wide range of services already available, makes Fort Hudson one of the most diversified home care providers in the region.

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