Fort Hudson CHHA (Certified Home Health Agency) is now OFFICIALLY OPEN for business!

The NYS Department of Health issued its letter of approval today to begin admitting patients to our newest home care initiative.  The Fort Hudson Certified Home Health Agency, approved for Warren and Washington Counties, have already accepted its first referrals and will begin providing patient care in the home by the close of busines TODAY!. 

This program, known as a CHHA, provides short term care in the home following acute illness. Visits are primarily professional (RN, therapies, social work, nutrition), and may include a wide range of clinical services such as IVs, wound care, etc.  In combination with the existing home care programs, Fort Hudson now offers one of the most expansive arrays of home and community services available.

Congratulations to the CHHA staff, and to everyone who has worked behind the scenes to make this program a reality!

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