Kindness Matters…Pass It On

One of the best parts of working at Fort Hudson is to experience the sense of teamwork, support, and kindness our coworkers give to each other!

Christina Bailey, PCA with Fort Hudson Homecare, is a perfect example of someone who strives to put a smile on someone’s face…and she does it with her small creations!  She has been known to go through the Homecare office & Day Program passing out ‘holiday treats’.    When asked why she does it, she says,  “I love to craft and  create, and more so, I love to share!  I enjoy being part of the Homecare Team, and particularly enjoy the clients I work with…”

Her fellow teammates always appreciate her thoughtfulness, and get excited to find Christina’s treats on their desk!

Thank you Christina for showing us that kindness goes a long way to brighten everyone’s day~

Fort Hudson Health System
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