Resident Eva McDonald Celebrates her 100th Birthday at The Fort

eva 100 bdayFort Hudson wishes to recognize Resident Eva McDonald, as she celebrated her 100th Birthday on July 12, 2016 with family and friends at Fort Hudson Nursing Center.
Eva is the oldest daughter of 6 siblings. She was born in Ontario, Canada and moved to the States when only 4 years old. Eva is able to speak fluent French.


Eva’s secrets to reaching her 100th Birthday:
1. She Never Drank
2. She Never Smoked
3. She Never Cursed, well maybe a few “H-E-double-hockey -sticks!”   :)

Eva was fortunate throughout the years to have been able to travel to 30 different countries! Many of these adventures were aboard Cruise Ships. Attached is a picture of Eva sharing her birthday cake!

Fort Hudson Health System
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