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My work at Fort Hudson allows me to be involved with different aspects of the organization.  Overseeing Staff Education, and teaching the CNA Training Course, is amazing.  When I see students begin their course; grow in it; and then apply their skills on the floor – it’s so satisfying!   I love being a “go to person” for staff to come to with questions or just to talk.    The residents deserve to smile everyday — I strive to give them THE BEST QUALITY OF LIFE.   That’s what makes me excited about coming to work everyday!  – Cindy B.

There is a sense of comradery that exists at Fort Hudson – it’s something unique to our organization.  Staff have years of service here…greater than most companies.  I have been asked many times why people stay so long at the Fort.  I honestly believe it’s the setting.  The team approach across different depts. is not something many facilities can claim.   Everyone works together to solve daily issues.   Staff here have pride in their personal work, and have pride being part of a quality organization.    Working to serve the seniors is important work – and team members understand that.

Staff Appreciation Breakfast was fun!  Fort Hudson – best place to work ever!

A wonderful group of professionals who give 100% of themselves every day to assure that residents needs are met! Thank you for all you do!

Working at Fort Hudson was absolutely wonderful. I’d never seen such an amazing, caring, devoted and hard-working staff. We all got along so well and the residents had such a good time and so much fun – and we, the staff, did too. People who might think “nursing homes” are dull, boring and depressing……ought to drop by Fort Hudson and see for themselves what an amazing and wonderful place a residential care facility can actually be

I chose the healthcare field to make a difference. I worked at Fort Hudson because I could make a difference. Every single day. I had the opportunity to bring a smile to a face, share a laugh, and bring absolute joy to another person. What I’ve done here – and what everyone at Fort Hudson does– is special. I loved being a part of it.

Rene Farnsworth, Physical Therapy Aide

I am very proud to be a Personal Care Assistant for Fort Hudson! I love every moment of my time I’ve spent there! I enjoy not only my fellow employees, but also each client I have been honored to work with. It is such a great place to work!

Loretta Galusha, PCA Homecare

Working for Fort Hudson is the best decision I’ve made. I like that the staff are so supportive, and that I have great coworkers! Knowing that clients can stay in their homes, or with family and that I help make that happen… it is very rewarding to know that we make that difference in someone’s life.

Kat Gitto, PCA FH Homecare

I’ve worked at Fort Hudson for 34 plus years in many different roles. I think that the opportunity to have the different roles allowed me the excitement of staying at Fort Hudson. By remaining in Fort Hudson I was offered challenges that make my day exciting. Being challenged at a job, and making a difference… those are the reasons people want to go to work every day.

Beth Bruno, RN Director of Home & Community Services

It is without a doubt the best place I’ve ever worked. The organization offers flexibility and there’s a lot of creativity, a lot of new things happening… and it’s nice to be a small independent organization. It gives us the chance to do things the right way, the way things should be done. I’ve been associated with a number of organizations through my career, and I think far and away, Fort Hudson consistently delivers the highest quality, compassionate care.

Jack Coburn, CFO

I love the fact that I can make a Resident’s day better… and every day I try to make at least one Resident smile or laugh! Brightening someone else’s day, makes MY day complete.

Heidi Llears, LPN, FH Nursing Center

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