Donna Davison-Smith

Donna & Richard (Dick) Smith have been married 33 years. Dick began attending the FH Day Program after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. In Donna’s own words”I feel blessed that Dick is at Fort Hudson. Despite the devastating disease, there is still joy to be found. The program offers structure with various activities, and I believe there has been some improvement in Dick’s mobility and engagement since attending. It also allows me time to rest from my own health issues, so that I can continue to be his primary caregiver. Dick’s memory has deteriorated, but he continues to be happy, he knows me, and knows how much we love each other! Having been in healthcare 38 years and advocated for patients all over the country, I know what quality and compassionate care looks like….and Fort Hudson provides it. Each and every staff member we meet exudes empathy and dedication to clients, residents, and family. I realize challenges lie ahead, but with the support of the dedicated staff and leadership, I know we will get through it together with laughter, and yes, tears.”
Fort Hudson Health System