We understand the value of offering a Resident Centered Care Philosophy, where we match a person’s needs to the most appropriate care environment. Under this approach, everyone benefits. Staff assigned to units within the building, work within their area of greatest strength and passion, as a caregiver. This is a benefit to Residents and family, as they gain from a higher level of staff proficiency and knowledge. From our Board of Directors, to our staff across the campus, we are members of your community.

OWNERSHIP: Fort Hudson Nursing Center is a 501(c)3 not for profit NYS corporation, and a proud affiliate of Fort Hudson Health System.

We wish to provide general descriptions of each of the Nursing Center’s five units. These units, and the type of Resident Centered Care Delivery, are based on multiple factors, including bed availability. Read more below to learn more about each of our units, or contact us today at (518) 747-2811 to schedule a personalized tour.

Our Units

B Wing (Bakers Falls):
Short Term Rehabilitation, Sub-Acute Care and Medically Complex

This unit includes those who intend to be discharged home, are generally alert and oriented and receiving active therapy program. In addition, this unit focuses on those residents who, due to their complex medical status, require significant medical and nursing involvement.

D Wing (Delaware and Hudson):
Independent-Limited Care

A number of seniors require relatively little physical assistance during their daily activities. These individuals are generally independent, and enjoy the company of others with similar characteristics. There is a higher emphasis on independent activity, although there is no active plan for discharge. The amount of physical care required will vary according to the overall needs of the facility and change over time.

S Wing (Sandy Hill Pavilion):
Early Dementia Care

Residents with Alzheimer’s or other dementia-related conditions have been cared for on this unit since its inception in 1996. These individuals are generally ambulatory, with or without some assistance. They require a secure environment with the appropriate care techniques and activities focusing on their strengths. Residents are generally transitioned off this unit to G wing as their physical needs become more advanced.

G Wing (General Burgoyne Trail):
Middle Stage Dementia Care

As a progressive disease, Alzheimer’s and other dementia-related conditions typically evolve to a point where there is more physical care necessary. This unit carries the same care philosophy as the Pavilion, but focuses on those residents whose needs have advanced beyond the program benefits of S wing.

A Wing (Argyle Patent):
General Skills and Daily Living Support (Custodial Care)

This unit includes those who require significant assistance with daily routines and physical care. They may or may not be able to assist in their care, and are generally not intending to be discharged home. This unit may include those residents receiving palliative or Hospice care.

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