Jan 13th, 2022 Impt Update: “Test to Visit”

January 13, 2022 Update:  “Test to Visit” Requirements Issued by NYS

The Department of Health released new requirements last evening requiring all nursing home visitors have a negative COVID tests prior to visiting. Although Fort Hudson fully supports any effort to reduce the risk of COVID in our facility, we recognize this will create many barriers and hardships for our family and friends.  At this time, visitors are advised to seek testing options in the community.

Beginning Monday January 17th, negative test results will be required for entry (unless DOH issues changes to their guidance).  Fort Hudson may be able to provide a test kit to be used by the visitor at the time of entry, but this is not yet confirmed.

The guidance left many questions unanswered; and we are awaiting clarification to be issued by DOH.  Fort Hudson will update family members as information becomes available.

Fort Hudson Health System
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