Fort Hudson Voice Messaging System is Currently Out of Service: June 10-June 16, 2021

Attention: staff, families, community members phoning into Fort Hudson phone system. We are experiencing a malfunction with our “leave a message” voice mail system. We have just learned that it will be out of service until at least next Wednesday. You may call us during BUSINESS HOURS and our reception team will take a paper message if you are trying to reach a specific dept.
The system of auto-attendant (during after hours) has also been impacted. Please be aware that if calling during AFTER hours:
1. the call will go simultaneously to all 5 nursing units, and ring until it is picked up.
2. Any transfer to an extension that is not answered will return to the operator (or to the 5 units if appropriate)
We’re very sorry for any potential inconvenience to you.
Fort Hudson Health System
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