8-18-2021 Update: Fort Hudson Nursing Center Important Information

Late last evening, an employee tested positive for COVID 19 following a community exposure.  This employee worked on only one unit (D wing).  Consistent with CDC guidelines, Fort Hudson implemented its COVID protocols, which include immediate quarantine of residents who were potentially exposed. Serial testing of all residents and staff began last night and will continue for no less than 14 days.  Visitation will be held outdoors only until the first round of testing is completed; and only for residents not on quarantine.  First round testing is expected to be completed within 48 hours.  Resident contacts will be notified of any changes in COVID protocols or visitation.

Due to the significant community spread of COVID 19 at this time, new cases among staff is not surprising, and Fort Hudson remains prepared to implement the required protocols at any time.

Fort Hudson Health System
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