Update: Dining Service Changes are now happening!


Menu selection, wait service, plates prepared right in the dining room…sounds like an upscale restaurant? Or just another step Fort Hudson is taking to enhance the quality of life for our nursing facility residents? Already, throughout the facility, every dining area is undergoing a cultural shift and eliminating preplated meals, preferring inst…ead the home-style service and “on the spot” menu selection process. That’s quite an undertaking considering we have 11 separate dining rooms!The next big step will occur Wednesday October 26th. The rehab unit will go to three meals per day with full family-style; and the main dining room – where up to 45 residents prefer to take their meals – a complete face-lift has been completed and full restaurant style service will kick off.

Such major changes in food preparation, delivery and service take time and plenty of teamwork. Many thanks to everyone who has participated, supported and implemented our new concept in meal service.

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