Staff Information – Severe Weather Alert

Attention Fort Hudson Employees

We are anticipating and planning for severe weather on Sunday.  In the event of widespread power and/or telephone outages, communication between Fort Hudson and its employees will be difficult.  Employees are asked to make every effort to do the following:

  1. Monitor news reports of local conditions
  2. Unless conditions preclude it, adhere to the posted schedule.
  3. Use available communication devices (cell phone, facebook, etc.) to contact the facility if you are unable to arrive safely.
  4. If you are able, and if no other communication is possible, please come to the facility to determine if assistance is needed. 

If possible (based on electrical service), Fort Hudson will post updates on its web site blog throughout the weekend.  Please check this site frequently or follow us on Facebook.

Fort Hudson employees have always performed in an exceptional manner during times of severe weather and other unpredictable events.  Thank you , in advance, for continuing that tradition.

Andy Cruikshank

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