Special Spring Chicks Brighten the Seniors and Children’s Day!

hatched eggs3

Fort Hudson and the “baby chicks” — That’s right folks, we have baby chicks! We are once again lucky enough to have this well-received event back this spring. Billing specialist Tom Kerr of the Certified Home Health Dept., along with the CHHA team, set up incubators to hatch two dozen baby chicks…and this week the hatching is in full force!
A steady stream of Adult Daycare Clients, Nursing Center Residents [and a fair number of staff too LOL] have made their way downstairs to enjoy the show.  Additional friends stopped in to visit this week, 11 children from a local daycare center also joined the fun!

Congratulations to Tom and and the CHHA Chicken Team! This program is truly appreciated and we say thanks for sharing!

Fort Hudson Health System
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