RENOVATION PROJECT UPDATE: Phase 1 is underway! Here’s the details…

Renovation Project Update: we are excited to report Phase 1 will be underway this week! Initially, all work will be exterior. Interior work will begin in early December (more detail to follow as we get closer). Here’s what you should expect to see in the coming days:

  • Construction Fencing will be placed around the patio areas of A and B Wing, followed by the courtyard of G/S Wing
  • Construction Trailer will be placed behind A Wing (outside cafe windows)
  • Removal of existing patios
  • Excavation and new foundations for additions

Other key details:

  • construction workforce parking will be on the front lawn beyond Dr. Gara’s Office. This area will be used exclusively by the construction workforce
  • Van Parking will be moved to the back row of the lot behind S Wing, near the garage.
  • Some walkways will be out of service (if they fall behind the construction fencing)
  • Emergency Exit Locations for A, B, G, S Wing will be changed in some areas. New signage will be posted where this occurs

Please remember SAFETY FIRST – with increased traffic and people unfamiliar with our setting, all employees are asked to remain HIGHLY ATTENTIVE to the safety and security of our residents

Any questions — don’t hesitate to ask Josh or Andy

Fort Hudson Health System
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