New survey process QIS – what does it mean for you?

QIS, what is this? how does this affect me a staff member, a resident or a family member?

In a nutshell – QIS is a revised Survey process (developed under the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services & Nursing Home Quality).  It is how the state will evaluate nursing homes across NYS.  The goal of QIS is to assure that residents are in charge of their care.  This process will be implemented in 2 stages.

What does this mean for me (staff, resident, family member?)  During stage one, 40 residents will be randomly selected and interviewed.  These will be yes/no questions only.  If a resident is not interviewable – then family will be interviewed instead.

Some examples of questions are: “Do you feel you have a choice of your bath time?”  Do you feel you get to participate in the time you retire to bed?”

Once this step is completed, Stage Two begins.  This part will be focused review based upon any trigger responses from Stage One. 

Stay tuned as we move forward with preparation of the new QIS Survey Process, or if you have a specific question see Holly Vaughn, Director of Nursing for more information!

The QIS is a standardized, computer assisted, systematic 2 stage process, to improve consistency and accuracy of quality of care to our residents, and a structured process for surveyors .

Stage 1 – 40 randomly selected residents will be interviewed, if residents are not interviewable then 3 families that visit often will be interviewed instead. The same questions will be asked all in the same way looking for a yes/no answer.

Some examples of questions: Do you feel you get a choice of your bath time?, Do you feel you get to participate in the time you go to bed?

Stage 2 – will be focused review into triggered items from the 40 interviews

Stay tuned for more info on how to prepare for the QIS –

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