MAIN DINING ROOM undergoing renovation!

“It’s just so bright and bigger.”  “I love the changes.  Makes every meal better”

Those are the comments offered by residents on the first day the dining room in C wing began its transformation.  In the next few days, the physical appearance will complete its transformation.  But now that we have that completed, what about the actual meal service? In approximately two weeks, here is what we can expect!

*Menu selection – our tickets will offer residents meal choices to select when they arrive

*Fresh and hot – new equipment will be in place to eliminate tray service 5 days per week

*Meal trays – not anymore! Meals will be served wait-style…just like we have in a restaurant

The “Dining Diva” team has been hard at work on making these changes and can’t wait to roll them out.  Resident response to the plans?  “Sounds great…let’s do it!”

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