Fort Hudson Supports the Washington County Fair

Cindy and Jenny Danita at the fair

Fort Hudson is proud to be part of Washington County, and equally proud to support The Washington County Fair! Several FH Staffers, Cindy Bonnaci and Jenny Dufour both participated in showing their animals at the fair.  As part of her son’s 4-H Group the Barnyard Circus, Cindy describes“…the fair lets the kids learn responsibility by taking care of cleaning, caring, and feeding the animals”.  Jenny Dufour, Ward Clerk also participated in the fair.  Jenny also says seeing the kids at the fair makes it memorable!

Residents & staff did a special outing to the fair – with laughter, food, fun & good ‘ole fashioned Fort Hudson spirit present!  Danita W. was willing to go the extra mile of support…pictured she is giving Cindy’s cow Riley” a hug! 🙂

Fort Hudson Health System
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