Fort Hudson Nursing Center Staff: Make-Up Dates Mandatory Inservices

Who needs to make up what Inservices?

Step 1:   Please refer to staff lists on EACH UNIT or at the facility TIME CLOCK

Step 2:   If your name is on one of the three lists, look at the top of that page, which inservice is it you require.

Step 3:    Look below for the date and time that that inservice will be presented.

Dementia Inservice  (lasts ½ hour)

     June 5th, Wednesday @ 2pm

     June 10th, Monday @ 1:30pm

 MANDATORY INSERVICE #1  (Lasts one hour)

      June 5th, Wednesday @ 2:30

      June 6th, Thursday @ 1pm

      June 10th, Monday @ 3pm

 MANDATORY INSERVICE #2  (Lasts one hour)

      June 6th, Thursday @ 2pm

      June 10th, Monday @ 2pm

      June 12th, Wednesday @ 1pm

It is imperative that you plan accordingly and attend the insevices that you require, these are the last postings.   Please contact Barb Celeste 747-2811 ext. 267 with any questions or concerns!

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