Fort Hudson Homecare Completes EXCELLENT survey

Following 5 days of intensive program review by the NYS Dept. of Health, Fort Hudson Homecare came away with high compliments from surveyors and a great survey result.  This year’s survey included a licensed agency, Medicaid Waiver Programs (NHTD and TBI), Servi.ce Coordination, and Structured Social Day Program.  They conducted several home visits, reviewed multiple client records, and covered hundreds of regulatory standards.

With final results expected next week, DOH reported they had no findings associated with care and service delivery.  In fact, they found exceptional care delivery across the board!  The few findings expected “…relate entirely to paper compliance, and have no impact on the quality of care being provided.”

CONGRATULATIONS to the entire Home Care team for a job exceptionally  WELL DONE!

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Fort Hudson Health System
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