Fort Hudson Celebrates National Nutrition Month – March 2018

Get ready for National Nutrition Month at The Fort! Led by FH’s Registered Dieticians, March will offer activities, events, and drawings to inspire staff to make informed food choices and develop sound eating & exercise habits. This year’s theme: “Go Further With Food”!

Weekdays will offer a “test your nutrition smarts” question of the day – located by the timeclock. Give your answer, and hope to win the daily prize drawing from correct responses.

Weekly luncheon (signup required due to limited seating) will be offered in the boardroom – entrees made with whole foods to learn why we “go further with food”.

Tasting Tables will be on display in key areas of the building, twice through the month…stop by to see what the item or topic of the day is! Be adventurous and try a taste test!

All who participate throughout the month, will be eligible for a Grand Prize Drawing in early April! So get involved to support our Nutrition Services Team Members…with the added benefit of food education!

Fort Hudson Health System
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