Do YOU have your advanced directives in order?

Advanced Directives, Health Care Proxy – and now the new standard is coined by the acronym MOLST (which stands for Medical Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment).  These are words that sound important, because they ARE important.  Yet many are unfamiliar with what they really mean or how it applies.  

So Fort Hudson is on a mission to educate YOU, “joe consumer”, on these terms.  Regardless of your age (15, 35, 55, 85 years old matters not) it is crucial you understand this very important subject. 

Do you have a health proxy?  Are your medical wishes known if you were unable to communicate them for yourself?  Who would you like to speak on your behalf?  How do you feel about concepts like feeding tubes, or breathing equipment, if you were in critical health and the MD wanted to use them?   These are questions that only YOU can answer, but we provide the following link to educate you.

Don’t DELAY — Know your Choices, Share your Wishes.  Visit this link below to educate yourself.  You or your loved one may depend on it…

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