ALL Fort Hudson Employees: Link to Employee Recognition Survey

Fort Hudson Employees across all programs (Nursing Home, Homecare, CHHA, Care Mgmt, Daycare, Oaks) – We Want Your Opinion!!

Fort Hudson has a variety of means to recognize employees for their accomplishments and performance. As part of this effort, an Employee Recognition Program has been held every January. This event is held off-site, and all employees are invited to attend.

In addition to the event itself, employees reaching milestones, new academic degrees, or other noteworthy achievements (related to their employment) are individually recognized as part of the event.

Although we are pleased to offer this as part of its recognition of employee achievement, it’s far more important to find out how employees actually feel about this type of event and whether there are other approaches that should be considered.
PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW AND COMPLETE THE SURVEY TODAY! Don’t delay – your opinion matters and we want to see ALL STAFF complete the survey as soon as possible!


Fort Hudson Health System
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