1-13-2022 Update: “Test to Visit” Requirements Issued by NYS

The Department of Health released new requirements last evening requiring all nursing home visitors have a negative COVID tests prior to visiting. Although Fort Hudson fully supports any effort to reduce the risk of COVID in our facility, we recognize this will create many barriers and hardships for our family and friends.  At this time, visitors are advised to seek testing options in the community.

Beginning Monday January 17th, negative test results will be required for entry (unless DOH issues changes to their guidance).  Fort Hudson may be able to provide a test kit to be used by the visitor at the time of entry, but this is not yet confirmed.

The guidance left many questions unanswered; and we are awaiting clarification to be issued by DOH.  Fort Hudson will update family members as information becomes available.



12-30-2021 Update: As we end 2021, COVID 19 is at it’s highest point since the start of the pandemic and community transmission is rampant.  With holiday gatherings ongoing and the highly transmissible Omicron variant circulating, Fort Hudson is concerned about the risks posed to our residents through contact with visitors. We are required to provide ongoing visitation – and appreciate the value visitation brings to our residents. However, given the significant risk that unsafe visitation practices pose, we are providing recommendations intended to minimize the risk as much as possible.  Please review the notice by clicking here: Visitation Recommendations Dec 2021


11-16-2021 Update: Fort Hudson wishes to communicate the most recent Nursing Center VISITATION GUIDELINES.   Click on the following link for detailed information:


9-20-2021 Update:  On Friday, September 17th, a total of 3 employees were identified as COVID + during testing; due to community transmission.  Resident units A & B were put on isolation until more detailed contact tracing could be completed as the employees only worked in these areas.  At this time, both units have modified their isolation to only those residents who were identified as having close contact with the employees during the past week.  Testing of all residents and staff continues through next week. At this time, no residents or additional employees have tested positive.

Visitation is currently limited to outside only for residents not on isolation.  Should visitation change, families will receive notification.


8-18-2021 Update:  Late last evening, an employee tested positive for COVID 19 following a community exposure.  This employee worked on only one unit (D wing).  Consistent with CDC guidelines, Fort Hudson implemented its COVID protocols, which include immediate quarantine of residents who were potentially exposed. Serial testing of all residents and staff began last night and will continue for no less than 14 days.  Visitation will be held outdoors only until the first round of testing is completed; and only for residents not on quarantine.  First round testing is expected to be completed within 48 hours.  Resident contacts will be notified of any changes in COVID protocols or visitation.

Due to the significant community spread of COVID 19 at this time, new cases among staff are not unexpected and Fort Hudson remains prepared to implement the required protocols at any time.



8-16-2021 Update:  Released today.  New York State Department of Health issues mandate for healthcare workers, including congregate health settings, to receive vaccine by September 27, 2021.  Click the link below for more information from NYS governor’s website page:


8-9-2021 Update:   Fort Hudson Nursing Center is expanding its vaccination requirements for employees in response to the rapidly escalating community spread of COVID 19.  Effective immediately (August 9, 2021), any new employee of the Nursing Center will be required to have completed at least one dose of vaccine prior to employment; and to complete the series within the prescribed time period for continued employment.  Students in clinical rotations will be required to be vaccinated as of September 1st.



6-15-2021 Update:  On June 15th, Governor Cuomo lifted many of the restrictions that have been in place for over a year.  His message was “we’re returning to normal.”

Unfortunately, there were no changes made for nursing home residents or employees, and still not close to ‘normal’.  All COVID related precautions remain; including:

  • Limitations on visitation
  • Screening procedures for all
  • Restrictions on resident movement in the building
  • Social distancing – including during resident activities and meals
  • Use of masks at all times
  • Resident masking

Fort Hudson has achieved a remarkably high vaccination rate – 98% for residents and almost 90% for staff.  We will remain vigilant in our efforts to protect our residents, and look forward to being able to join the rest of the state in ‘returning to normal’. Until then, we appreciate your understanding and cooperation in following our required standards.



6-7-2021 Update: as a friendly reminder — the following link offers details on Nursing Center Visitation Guidelines.  Please click the following link for more information

Visitor Guidance May 2021


5-7-2021 Update: Visitation Hours for Fort Hudson Nursing Center are available both indoors and outside, seven days per week.  All visits must be PRESCHEDULED by calling 518-747-2811 between 8:30 am – 4:30 PM.

Visitation is available during the following hours:

10:15-10:45 am, 11:00 – 11:30 am, 1:45PM – 2:15PM, 2:30 – 3:00 PM, 3:15-3:45 PM, 4:00 – 4:30 PM.

Tuesday Evenings: 6:15 – 6:45PM, 7:00 – 7:30 PM

For quick glance reference – see the adjacent photo flyer







4-27-2021 Update:  Recap of Covid activity over the last 5 days at Fort Hudson:

  1. An A wing staff member tested positive on Thursday 4/22.  For this reason all A wing residents have to be quarantined for 14 days and are ineligible for visitation until Friday May 7.
  2. The facility received a positive test result for a B wing resident from a Thursday 4/22 PCR test.  NYS Epidemiology advised in line with state/federal guidance that all B wing residents be quarantined for 14 days and are ineligible for visitation until Friday May 7.  This case is unrelated to the employee; was a prior positive and fully vaccinated and likely positive due to continued non-infectious viral particles.

 Therefore, until May 7 the facility will be accommodating outdoor visitation for residents of D wing, G wing, and S wing ONLY. 

How To Schedule The Outdoor Visit:

  • Call in advance to reserve a tent to visit under.  518-747-2811
  • Should you call and find there is no tent availability, you may still visit if taking your loved one for a walk around the property.  Given the unknowns of Spring weather, we STRONGLY ENCOURAGE a tent reservation.

How to Check-In:

D wing visitors- park in the front parking lot.  You will be screened in the front lobby.  The D wing staff will bring your loved one to the lobby.  You will push your loved one to your reserved tent and return them to the lobby after the 30 minute visit.

G & S wing visitors- park in the back parking lot behind the building.  Parking will be marked.  You will be screened at the back gate and sent to your reserved tent where your loved one will meet you.

 General Reminders:

  • If the weather is too inclement for comfort—there is NO inside alternative at this time.
  • Visit Slots will be 30 minutes.
  • You should not bring any food to be consumed during the visit.
  • Each resident of D, G, and S wing will only be eligible for one  (30) minute visit per day.  A maximum of 2 visitors allowed at the visit.
  • Time slot alternatives will be as follows: 7 DAYS A WEEK—10:15-10:45 am; 11-11:30 am; 1:45-2:15 PM;
    2:30-3:00 PM; 3:15-3:45 PM; 4:00-4:30 PM
  • Masks are required at ALL TIMES.
  • If your loved one is not 2 weeks post a completed vaccination series, visitors MUST maintain a 6 ft. distance, despite being outside.

Thank you in advance for exercising patience with us as we quickly implement new processes to ensure visitation to the fullest extent possible.  Questions can be directed to your Resident’s social worker.


4-22-2021 Update: During routine employee testing, a single positive case was identified.  This individual is fully vaccinated.  As required by current regulation, visitation is put on pause until we complete one full round of resident and employee testing, with confirmed negative results.  All tests results are expected to be returned by Saturday.

As this employee worked A-wing and had contact with all residents, this unit is now on isolation for the next 14 days.  Visitation will resume upon return of all tests; with the exception of those residents on a-wing isolation.  Families will be notified when visitation reopens.


4-20-2021 Update: In an effort to communicate as broadly as possible to everyone this may impact, we wish to communicate that due to high volume of visitors on weekends, the Nursing Center is transitioning to WEEKEND VISITATION BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. This begins this coming weekend April 24-25th and will continue until further notice. Appointments will be required for Weekend Only – this does not impact midweek visits.

The “HOW TO” Details:
Contact the Reception Desk during business hours of 8:00 am to 5:00 PM.
Reservations will be taken beginning Wednesdays of each week. The booking will close Friday at 12 noon.
Example– for this coming weekend, you may phone starting tomorrow Wed 4/21 at 8am and the last reservation will be taken on Fri 4/23 at 12noon.
Call 518-747-2811 Please inform the receptionist:
– The resident and their unit you wish to visit
– The day you wish to visit (Again, we are only requiring reservations for Sat or Sun visits)
– The time you would like to visit
– Preference for location of visit (inside/outside)—All locations will be on a first come/first serve basis
Reception will confirm no other family member/friend has already booked an appointment with that resident for the day. Reception will confirm the 30 minute visit slot and read back the day/time/designated location for your visit.
It is imperative that visitors remember that Fort Hudson still has mandatory state and federal infection control guidelines that must be followed. The following regulation guidelines still exist for all nursing home visitation:
• Only 1 visit per resident per day. A maximum of 2 visitors per visit allowed.
• No food or drink is permitted to be consumed during a visit (unless compassionate care situation)
• The visitor must remain masked for the entire visit (inside or outside)
• The resident must remain masked for the entire visit (In the case of cognitive impairment we will all try our best to support masking the resident and this is care planned as such)
• Contact is only permitted if the resident is 2 weeks post a completed vaccine series.
• No child should have direct contact (less than 6 feet distancing) with resident.
Any visitor exercising blatant non-compliance will be asked to leave. Future visitation may be impacted or modified if failure to comply with state and federal guidelines. Any visitor arriving without an appointment will unfortunately need to be turned away at the main door.
Fort Hudson remains steadfast in our commitment to keep Covid-19 away, and visitation open. Together, we can achieve this goal! Questions: please reach out to your resident’s social worker or nurse manager.

4-13-2021 Update: Fort Hudson Nursing Center VISITATION RESUMES at 1:30PM today!

Following yesterday’s single employee positive test result, visitation was put on hold as required by both State and Federal regulation.  Resumption of visitation after any new positive case requires:

  • A full round of resident testing (except those who have been recently positive)
  • A full round of staff testing
  • And, most importantly, NO NEW positive test results

Our team has been working diligently to process these hundreds of tests and as of 5pm today:

  • All resident tests (rapid antigen) were NEGATIVE.   Testing will continue every 3-7 days over the next 2 weeks – or longer if we have any additional test positive (employee or resident) cases.
  • We anticipate completing a full round of employee testing by noon tomorrow. (Remember, we have well beyond 300 staff)

Evening visitation will proceed as planned 6:30-7:30pm (Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays)

PLEASE NOTE: We STRONGLY ENCOURAGE visitation outside of the following mealtimes, as your visit will be delayed until your loved one finishes their meal.
Most units serve breakfast between 8:30-9:30a.
Lunch is served/consumed between 12:15-1:30pm.
* Please reach out to your loved ones nurse manager or social worker if more insight is desired regarding their dining patterns.


4-11-21 Update for family / friends planning to visit the Fort Hudson Nursing Center: Visitation on Temporary Pause — an employee tested positive for COVID 19 today, (which was a community exposure).
As required by State and Federal regulations, visitation must be PUT ON HOLD until a full round of resident testing can be completed. Information on when visitation can resume will be provided as soon as possible.


4-6-2021 Update:  Following yesterday’s single employee positive test result, visitation was put on hold as required by both State and Federal regulation, pending the completion of a first round of testing for all residents (except those who have been recently positive).  I’m pleased to say that the staff moved very quickly, and completed the task a short while ago.  All resident tests (rapid antigen) were NEGATIVE.   Testing will continue every 3-7 days over the next 2 weeks – or longer if we have additional test positive (employee or resident) cases.   With this step complete, we can resume visitation effective IMMEDIATELY.

Unfortunately, residents who are on isolation for any reason are not able to have visitors, unless there are under ‘compassionate care’ situations.  However, we can assist with telephone or video-chat hook ups as necessary.

Please note the following important updates.


Following yesterday’s email regarding the pause on visitation, we had several comments and questions posed related to employee vaccination.  Specifically, the issues associated with unvaccinated employees and risk for testing positive was raised.  Please be assured that Fort Hudson has strongly recommended all employees be vaccinated at the earliest opportunity; and more are being vaccinated weekly.  While we now have more than 75% vaccinated, please understand that we cannot require vaccination as a condition of employment.  We’re well aware of the impact a single positive case has on the facility, the residents and their families.  But ultimately, it is the employee’s choice.

With the high vaccination rates, and revised guidance on visitation, we’re optimistic that interruptions will be fewer and of shorter duration.  However, interruptions like the one we had yesterday will continue to occur – it’s a certainty as long as there is COVID 19 in the community.


As the weather continues to improve, we will be encouraging outdoor visitation whenever possible (as the safest option).  We have purchased several tents and will be putting them up in the days ahead.  Please notify the visitor greeter if you are able/willing to visit outdoors.


We have noticed a continuing pattern of visitors bringing in food and/or drink to share during the visit.  Please note that visitors and residents (who are able ) must remain masked at all times, regardless of vaccination status; and therefore no food or drink are allowed.  PLEASE SHARE THIS INFORMATION WITH OTHER FAMILY  MEMBERS WHO ARE NOT ON THIS EMAIL LIST.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this temporary interruption – and WELCOME BACK!



4-5-2021 Update: Visitation on Temporary Pause — During routine employee testing, an employee without symptoms tested positive for COVID 19 today.  As required by State and Federal regulations, visitation must be put on hold until a full round of resident testing can be completed.  This has already been initiated and will be completed by tomorrow.  Information on when visitation can resume will be provided as soon as possible.

We’re very sorry for this disruption.  However, the safety of our residents is our top priority, and we’ll continue to take all the appropriate steps to minimize the risks of COVID 19.


3-26-2021 Update: We are thrilled to welcome our families and friends back to Fort Hudson Nursing Center.  After so many months of restriction, we are eager to see Residents and loved ones united!   The following document outlines the latest NYS Dept. of Health guidelines for Nursing Facility visitation.  Please click on the link for more detail. Visitation resumes Saturday, March 27, 2021 at 8:00 am.   Click this link: Visitor Guidance March 2021


2-9-2021 Update:  Beginning on January 2nd, resident and employee vaccinations against COVID 19 progressed on schedule in partnership with CVS.  Approximately 90% of residents and 60% of staff have completed both vaccine doses; and on Saturday (2/14) the second vaccine will be administered to our second group bringing our vaccine rate to 94% (residents) and 65% (employees).  More employees are accessing vaccine in the community, which will further increase the vaccine rate.

Fort Hudson Nursing Center continues to be free of any resident COVID cases; all prior cases have been fully resolved.  Unfortunately, during routine testing (twice per week) we continue to have employees test positive periodically (most recently 2/8) due to community exposure.  To date, no positive case has occurred with vaccinated staff.  According to current guidelines, serial testing of residents will continue until we have 14 consecutive days without positive cases among staff/residents, quarantine procedures remain in place and visitation remains on hold as well.

Notice of resumption of visitation will be sent to all family members once we get closer to the 14 day clearance point.


1-11-2021 Update:

COVID 19 Testing

Effective Immediately, all nursing home employees in NYS are required to have twice weekly COVID 19 testing (Governor Cuomo Executive Order).  The Testing Clinic operates Monday-Friday (hours posted in clinic).  It is recommended that if you plan your test days on Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday, with Wednesday available if necessary.  No guidance has been provided YET on requirements for part time (3 days or less per week); and therefore must comply with the twice weekly requirement until notified otherwise.



ALL FORT HUDSON Employees have until Wednesday JANUARY 13th to register for COVID 19 vaccination; to be given the weekends of January 23rd and February 13th.  Those staff that did receive dose 1 in early January are considered registered already.

With NYS opening “PHASE 1B” today, demand for vaccine in the community is expected to be very high, potentially limiting your opportunity to be vaccinated for months. As cases continue to surge in the community, NOW IS THE TIME – PROTECT YOURSELF, PROTECT OUR RESIDENTS AND GET VACCINATED!



1-1-2021 Update:

Important Reminder to All Staff Scheduled for covid19 vaccine THIS Saturday or Sunday (Jan 2 or Jan 3):

When arriving for your vaccine appointment enter the building through Shipping/Receiving entrance.  NOT main lobby.  Go directly to the Daycare area.  Please remember to BRING YOUR INSURANCE CARD with you to your appointment.

Thank you in advance for your help with this – together we can make this smooth and easy process!

12-23-20 Update:


Employees who have requested vaccination have been scheduled for one hour time slots on January 2nd or 3rd.

If you requested vaccination but do not receive your schedule by December 24th, contact HR immediately (518-832-3501).

DUE BY MONDAY December 28th – a copy of your insurance card (front and back) MUST be submitted to HR or Reception desk.  Registration cannot be processed without this information. If you do not have insurance, complete the registration form only.

Complete the CVS Registration form and submit to HR or Reception desk in advance, or bring with you on day of vaccination.  Form is available at

Click on COVID 19 Vaccine Full Intake Consent Form and download.  You will need to email this to [email protected] when complete or print and bring with you on vaccination day.



12-21-20 Update:  The following New York State Resource provides pertinent information regarding the Covid-19 vaccine. Click the link below:


12-16-2020 Update: To date, staff & residents have shown a great response to vaccine registration—

FH is committed to providing credible resources, to help individuals make their own informed decision regarding receiving covid19 vaccine. The following comes from well recognized Mayo Clinic addressing common myths: click the link below…/covid-19-vaccine-m…

As a second resource to cover common myths regarding covid 19 vaccine, the following info is provided by the University of Maryland Medical System: click the link below


12-15-2020 Update: Fort Hudson Health System Employees who wish to receive vaccine should reach out to your Dept. Manager to register for vaccine.  RESPONSES ARE DUE no later than Friday, December 18, 2020.  This request is issued to all employees of Fort Hudson, all programs.  You must be committed to being available for vaccine on January 2, 2021 and January 23, 2021 (both are Saturdays)


Employee Notice – vaccination registration

12-15-2020 Update: For anyone who is interested in learning more about Covid-19 Vaccine, please click the following CVS/Omnicare RESOURCE INFORMATION FLYER (link is within the flyer).  This will provide a range of resource information on the vaccine, as well as Frequently Asked Questions.



(flyer format) COVID-19 Vaccination FAQs_V2

12-14-20 Update: The following links have been made available as information to families, staff, and residents regarding Covid-19 Vaccine.  We share this here to keep individuals up to date on current processes for Fort Hudson Nursing Center (staff and residents)

Fort Hudson Medical Team has issued a recommendation for the Covid-19 Vaccination.  Please watch the brief video below:

The following information has been shared for Family and Staff to learn more about the upcoming process with Covid-19 vaccine.

Resident and Family FAQ 12_14_20 final

Employee Vaccination FAQ_12_11_2020

Employee letter_covid19 vaccine_12_11_2020

11-30-2020 Update:  Following a temporary 2 week visitation pause, the nursing center is reopening its visitation program once again, beginning this week.  A new on-line visitation registration system was introduced to resident family members last week.  With construction now essentially complete, the new beauty parlor was opened for business today – following 260 days since it was closed due to the pandemic.  In order to assure the safest possible environment, extra measures are being taken including daily COVID testing of the beautician, sanitizing between every resident, additional resident screening and maintaining a limit of only 1 person in the shop at a time.

As the prevalence of COVID 19 increases in all areas of the state and country, Fort Hudson remains highly vigilant in its screening, testing and sanitizing programs.  The availability of highly effective vaccines is very promising; and Fort Hudson has enrolled in both state and federal distribution programs.  When vaccine distribution is available, detailed information will be provided to residents and their families, including consent authorizations as required.


10-8-2020 Update:  As part of ongoing employee testing, two employees were identified in this week’s testing cycle as positive for COVID 19. These individuals are asymptomatic.  Both employees work in a Support Department of the nursing center.  They have nominal resident contact.  At all times – these staff members have maintained appropriate masking and social distancing within the building.    There is no identified connection between these two cases.  There is no indication of any resident exposure.   Both cases appear to be community based transmission.

It’s important to understand that as long as there is transmission occurring within the community in general, it is not surprising that a similar percentage of staff will also test positive.  We test approximately  300 employees each week.  Our weekly testing has demonstrated a week to week average well below the community rate ( far less than 1%, and on most weeks 0%).   Resident testing continues as recommended by New York State Department of Health.  There have been NO positive resident cases identified.

Unfortunately, visitation continues to be on hold; more information will be provided directly to families in the coming weeks.  Fort Hudson maintains frequent and swift communication with  resident family members outside of the scope of this update page, to ensure open information exchange.  The Fort Hudson team remains vigilant in monitoring residents and staff.


10-1-2020 Update: This morning (10.1.20), as a result of our weekly staff surveillance testing program, a staff member has been identified as positive for Covid-19.  This staff member has been removed from duty and will be quarantined for at least 14 days, only to return with a negative Covid-19 test.  This staff member is asymptomatic at this time and only works one unit, Sandy Hill Pavilion.   We have no residents showing any signs OR symptoms of Covid at this time on any unit.

As a result of this single new-onset case in a staff member, there are some immediate steps that must be taken by the facility:

  1. All residents of the facility will be tested today 10/1.
  2. Per New York State guidance, Fort Hudson’s visitation program must be suspended for at least 14 days. 

As always, we remain committed  to keeping you as up to date as possible as this circumstance evolves.


9-17-20 – late day update: Revision of Visitation Requirements.

Please note the following revision to NYS Dept. of Health guidance re: nursing home visitation.  Facilities that had already resumed visitation under pervious guidance (Fort Hudson qualifies) may allow visitation WITHOUT the presentation of a verified negative test result, for a transition period from now until September 24, 2020. Any visits prescheduled between Friday 9/18 and Wednesday 9/23 will remain ‘as is’ under the previous NYS controlled visitation guidelines.  Additionally – as mentioned in prior update, NYS Dept. of Health has revised their initial position. The revision related to end of life/ compassionate care visits are not subject to a verified negative Covid19 test result, but are subject to all other covid19 screening requirements.   Visitors under the age of 18 years old will be permitted to visit, if accompanied by an adult 18 years of age or older.


9-17-2020 Update: New Visitation Requirements Released by the Department of Health

All nursing homes in NYS received notice on September 15th of revisions to the nursing home visitation standards.  Consistent with the Federal (CMS) standards, a new onset nursing home case (employee or resident) will require a 15 day hold on visitation, down from 28 days.  While this is a welcome and appropriate easing of restrictions, a new standard was added.  Effective on Thursday the 17th, visitors must have a negative COVID 19 test result provided to the facility with a test date during the prior seven days.  There are no exclusions to this requirement.  This test result must be provided to the facility, and we must maintain a hard copy on file.  Other initial restrictions (including the requirement that all visitors be 18 and over) included in the notice from the 15th were errors on the part of DOH and will be corrected.

Although frequent testing is an essential part of maintaining a COVID free environment, we recognized the hardships and barriers this new testing requirement places on visitors. We are advocating strenuously for some moderation to more properly balance the need for COVID transmission prevention and the essential need to have sustainable visitation.


8-11-2020 Update: The New York Magazine recently featured a story on Fort Hudson Nursing Center.  Many staff and families were interviewed to “tell our experience” of covid-19.  If you would like to read it, click on the link below


7-25-2020 Update:  EMPLOYEE TESTING DAY WILL BE TUESDAY, JULY 28.  Due to a change in laboratory testing service, there will be no testing available on Monday July 27th. All employees ordinarily tested on Monday MUST be tested on Tuesday during normal clinic hours.


7-19–2020 Update: Fort Hudson wishes to inform families that at  this time, we have placed our limited visitation on HOLD.  NYS Dept. of Health provides a wide range of requirements for visitation to happen.  Unfortunately, outside of anyone’s control, a prior test positive individual (after repeated negative tests) did have a positive read.  The state does not allow for differentiation of past positive individuals – ANY new positive immediately halts visitation.  We are working diligently with the state to review and allow for our reopening as soon as possible.  We will keep families informed as we move forward.  


7-14–2020 Update:

we are excited to report that NYS Dept. of Health is allowing visitation (within guidelines) for families of Nursing Center Residents.  This will begin this week, by scheduled appointment. The following details are shared to provide as much information as possible in preparation of this reopening.

Please click the following link to learn more about the Nursing Center VISITATION GUIDELINES: Visitation Guidelines – for posting July 2020_golive


6-23-2020 Update:

All residents of S wing were tested again for COVID 19 (two tests, 48 hours apart), which confirmed that the entire unit is COVID free.  This testing procedure was conducted to provide an additional level of assurance for residents, staff and families.  At this time, we are now accepting new admissions to this unit once again.  Interested families members are encouraged to contact Admissions to review the admission requirements and to submit an application.

Employees continue to be tested weekly; over 1500 tests have been conducted to date.  While the positive test rate in the Warren/Washington County area is approximately 3.5%, Fort Hudson employees have a positive test rate of less than one-half of one percent (0.4%).  The majority of positive test results were found on employees who had been previously known positive and showed ongoing unpredictable test results, consistent with COVID 19 testing history.

At THE OAKS – some services have resumed; including personal housekeeping and personal handyman services.   We continue to offer reduced capacity bus trips for grocery shopping.  We also continue to support Insta-cart grocery services.  We have offered dinner delivery services throughout, and are very pleased to share our biggest “gain of the week” has been the re-opening of interior dining room (at reduced capacity) per NYS guidelines.   We continue to offer meal delivery services at all times, for those who wish to dine at their apartment.  Planning is underway for restarting activities and programs – once guidelines are more concrete from NYS Public Health.  The Oaks building continues to be open to visitors – as this program falls under Community Guidelines as an independent senior apartment community.

5-22-2020 Update:

What an exciting week!  At this time, all residents of S wing have met the CDC definition of ‘RECOVERED’!  Although the loss we have experienced can never be overshadowed, there is an overwhelming sense of hope and optimism that we have moved to a new phase.  31 residents are enjoying a return to their ‘pre-COVID’ routines. There remains no other cases or suspect cases in the building.

On May 20th, employee testing began in accordance with Executive Order 202.30.  On that day, NYS Department of Health issued new guidance which changed their earlier information.  This includes ability to bill health insurance for testing (originally all costs were on the nursing center); removal of exclusions to testing; and more expansive work restrictions for positive tests.  In the first 36 hours  over 200 employees were tested!  This was a HUGE team effort to accomplish such a high volume testing process.  Testing will continue for as long as required.

5-20-2020 Update:

On May 10th, Governor Cuomo issued Executive Order 202.30, which among other things requires all nursing home employees be tested twice per week (once per week for part time).  Fort Hudson submitted it’s plan as required, and began the testing process today, May 20th.  Almost 100 employees were tested in the first 3 hours.  We support the need for employee testing as a means to protect residents, and to identify asymptomatic positive cases, which can occur.  Unfortunately, NYS guidance on crucial implementation details was severely lacking. Furthermore, unlike all other initiatives related to COVID prevention and monitoring efforts, nursing homes are required to arrange for and conduct testing on their own.  This comes at a very high cost in labor and supplies; an issue that is not yet addressed by NYS.

In terms of COVID 19 status, as of yesterday May 9th, 24 residents of S wing had been deemed ‘recovered’ based on clinical standards, with the rest of S wing residents appearing to be getting closer to that point.  We hope for more good news in the coming days.  No other cases have been identified in the building, and there are no suspect cases at this time.  Our staff will continue to be extraordinarily diligent in protecting themselves and our residents.

We do continue to care for the occasional COVID positive client in the community.  As long as there continues to be cases in the community, it is likely we will see them.  Rest assured that all home and community based employees adhere to all CDC and Department of Health guidance in the use of personal protective equipment.

We can’t help but be optimistic that the worst is behind us at Fort Hudson, and the entire community can ease back in to a more normal state.  Until we reach that point, please continue to practice social distancing at all times, wear your mask in public and wash your hands often.  It’s working!


5-8-2020 Update:

The past few weeks have been difficult – for residents, families and staff.  We have lost dear friends to COVID 19, and share in the grief of their families.  Throughout, we have shared in our resident’s fight to beat this virus; and shared hope for a brighter tomorrow.   We believe the following updates do shed a bit of hope that brighter days are coming.

Over the past two days we have had 10 residents on S wing declared RECOVERED from our medical team; based on CDC guidelines. . As excited as we are over this positive point for some of our residents, we maintain perspective that several other residents continue their fight against the virus.  Our dedicated employees and medical staff remain at their bedside helping them during this battle.  Your continued thoughts and encouragement are requested for these individuals.

We shared during the May 5th update that in an abundance in caution, we were testing 48 residents from all of A  wing, and a small group from G wing.  For the past 5 days, these residents have remained on isolation precautions pending test results.  Over the past several hours, we have received all results back.  We are pleased to report all  of these tests are NEGATIVE – more good news!

As a reminder, Fort Hudson posts information daily on the status of our resident COVID testing, and recently added information on employees as well.  This can be found on at under “COVID 19 Update”.  We thank you all for your support and thoughts during these challenging times.


5-5-2020 Update:  As part of ongoing communication, S wing residents continue to have variable conditions, which are changing day to day.  Dr. Quaresima will be available during the next scheduled Family Teleconference Call to provide a more detailed overview of status with S wing.

As for the rest of the facility, we continue to be free of any COVID 19 cases at this time.  However, testing does continue – if/when a resident presents any indication of potential illness.

Yesterday we did we receive a test positive on an employee that had worked approximately 2 weeks ago on an overnight shift for A wing.  This staff member was following all masking and precaution guidelines throughout this shift.  In consideration of the known risk factors and in an abundance of caution – we are taking aggressive precautionary steps to protect residents.  We are testing all residents of A wing as a potential exposure.  Testing all will increase chances of early detection if any positive cases exist, or it will rule out any exposure, at this time.

During this period of testing and awaiting results – A wing will remain on isolation precautions.  Residents will be restricted to their rooms, unless medically indicated they leave; and masks will be worn by residents who can tolerate it when staff are present.  All staff will be utilizing full personal protective equipment (PPE) while on the unit, including N95 masks and face covers.  Anticipated results are expected back by Thursday or Friday of this week.

This same employee did cover a G wing shift over the past 2 weeks as well.  So for that reason, as a precautionary measure, we are testing 8 specific residents that had contact.  Likewise, these 4 resident rooms are on isolation precautions until results return in the next few days.

We realize the uncertainty of the covid19 pandemic and its affects hitting so personally, causes sadness, and anxiety for everyone.  We do want to emphasize that all testing mentioned above is being done in an aggressive effort to be ahead of any potential cases.  We do not have any evidence to suspect that virus transmission has occurred.   All families will be notified directly of outcome of test – regardless if negative or positive.  Again, we remind that we cannot control the test result return date, however it generally runs 1-5 days.

As always, in the event there are any changes in condition with a family member, the clinical team will contact families directly via personal phone call.  Additionally, we do post the NYS required information regarding COVID status on our web site (, under COVID-19 update (Information Update).  Thank you for your support during these times…it is always appreciated.


5-1-2020 Update: A Letter of special recognition from THE FORT HUDSON HEALTH SYSTEM BOARD OF DIRECTORS to our amazing Fort Hudson STAFF

Dear Fort Hudson Health System Staff:

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I am writing to thank you for your dedicated service to our residents and their families.  Those words seem inadequate to express our deep admiration for your hard work and commitment to Fort Hudson (FH) and those we serve.  Long-term care is truly a unique calling, because it provides a range of care largely for a Senior population.  The Seniors and their families trust us to work together for their best interests when they are no longer able to care for themselves or loved ones.  That’s what everyone at FH does; provides extraordinary care and service that instills trust.  You are remarkable!

One of the most important reasons FH is successful is the collection of special people who work here.  The work is often difficult, but vital to ensuring those we care for are treated with dignity, respect and compassion.  Before the pandemic, that was our norm.  Now that an invisible viral intruder has infiltrated our perimeter, we are now engaged in a war, and being challenged everyday in providing our continuum of care.

The nature of long-term care is to develop long-term and important relationships with those we serve.  These relationships provide care, hope, and the inspiration to live a quality life in an environment of respect.  The relationships developed are vital in our residents’ life because the respect and loving care they receive day in and day out help them to survive and thrive.  Our residents and their families have said repeatedly, they love their care providers and appreciate the loving care.  FH has earned an A+ in care, and remember, FH is you!

The pandemic has created a great deal of stress in the world.  Everyone feels it.  However, care providers on the front lines and in the trenches are challenged unlike others.  In our long-term care environment, you have developed important relationships with residents. They look forward to seeing you, and when your shift ends, they look forward to your return.  On a regular basis you let those in your care know they are important, and they can depend on you.

The nature of the current pandemic requires distancing, which could create a barrier to normal communication.  FH has done its best to keep the lines of communication open with residents and their families by being vigilant, providing iPads for regular patient/family interaction, regular internal communications, and both regular and transparent communication with our community.  All of these communication avenues have kept everyone informed about status, developments and compliance with government regulations. Transparency is key to trust, and FH remains committed to it.

The use of personal protective equipment (PPE) puts a barrier between you and residents, which it is designed to do.  Even when gowned up in PPE, there are many non-verbal messages you send to our residents.  Without words, the eyes reveal the caring and compassion of the soul.  Smiles light the world, and even a mask cannot overshadow the light that shines from smiling eyes.  Kindness is expressed in many ways; a gentle touch, a calm soothing voice, a message thoughtfully delivered and the reassurance that you are there, taking care, being present and treating others as valued and precious.  These gifts of the soul are immeasurable because the receiver knows you care, they are not alone, their life has meaning, and they are important.  The little things are the biggest things. These things have no monetary value yet are priceless.

PPE has enabled us to humanely allow family members to be with their loved ones who are preparing to leave us. When a loved one passes what remains are memories and feelings.  As a team FH has ensured the dignity of our residents’ life and end-of-life, which allows for endings without regret.

Whether you are on the front lines of providing care, or providing support for those delivering care, we humbly thank you.  Your commitment, courage, compassion, and other-centered care is helping all navigate the uncertainty in fighting this invisible enemy.  The grace with which you provide this compassionate care is noted by your residents, their devoted families, your colleagues and our community.

FH is a special place, where people come to get care, get better, and live their best life possible.  FH is that special place, because of the people who work here and provide that care. In life or in transition, you honor them vigilantly until they must leave you.  Then, you honor their memory.  What remarkable people you are!

May the force of caring, kindness and compassion continue to be with you, dear ones…  Your weariness shows, but the light within remains bright.

With Admiration, Gratitude and Affection,

Gretchen Steffan

Secretary, Fort Hudson Health System – Board of Directors


4-28-2020 Update:

We understand the community has a desire to stay informed about the COVID status at Fort Hudson.  This organization has been deeply invested in the community for 50 years, and practically every family in the region has had (or currently has) a connection to us.  We believe having COVID 19 within our walls a tragedy to those affected, but not a failure on the part of our dedicated staff.  We are in unprecedented times, fighting an elusive enemy.  As always, we remain open, honest and transparent; and appreciate the community’s continued support of our efforts.

S-wing continues to be the only location within the facility with positive Covid19 cases.  Testing on all units continues as clinically indicated by our medical staff; all negative results to date.  Our heartfelt condolences and prayers to one of our families, at the passing of their loved one this week.  Sadly, this resident did have COVID 19 as a contributing factor.  Prayers also to the staff who cared for her throughout her stay with us.

The status on S-wing remains fluid.  Some residents are less acute, some more.  The medical and nursing teams continue to maintain extraordinary vigilance monitoring resident conditions, providing the maximum amount of support possible. As always, direct communication with family members continues in a variety of forms.  Staff on the other Fort Hudson units are continuing to support and care for the needs of those residents as well.  Everyone across all departments is trying their best to engage and assist, as much as guidelines allow.

In terms of communication, the generosity and support from our residents’ families and the community continues to be overwhelming.  Following a family conference call (over 100 participants) on Saturday evening, contributions arrived to purchase 10 additional I-pads, bringing our total to 19 I-pads within the facility.  This allows face to face visits between residents and family.  We make every effort to support communications between residents and their family members, knowing it is one of the most important aspects to everyone’s well-being. As for additional support shown, staff have been recipients of donated meals and treats almost daily – which is a bright spot for them.

We hope that this will soon be behind us.  Please know we are fighting as hard as we can for the residents we serve.


4-26-2020 Update:

The past week has been extremely challenging for residents of S wing, their families and the staff. In the past few days, there has been an increase in Covid-19 symptomatic residents. Because of this, FH Medical Providers determined it best to test all 42 S wing residents. All results are not yet returned, but the clinical team is confident (based on symptom presentation) that 39 of the 42 residents have been exposed to virus. Some residents are non symptomatic – but test positive. Some residents are symptomatic – but results not yet returned. Three residents are testing negative and have no symptoms.

As Dr. Quaresima discussed on the weekly Family teleconference call, this virus spreads extremely easily. in consideration of the challenges this particular unit is facing, the FH Clinical Team (including our Medical Providers) held another teleconference call last evening. This call was for families of S wing residents specifically.

At this time, S wing is the only impacted unit of our five units.  However, we continue to test throughout the building. If a resident shows any symptoms related to Covid19, isolation precautions are immediately implemented; and only discontinued at the Medical Providers discretion.

We continue to be in communication with family members – direct phone calls are made to family of residents who have had a direct change in condition. That personal phone call provides an opportunity for that family to ask their specific questions to the team. Again, if your loved one looks to be symptomatic, a clinical team member will reach out directly; to inform of symptoms and if a test is ordered.

We strive to update as soon as possible,as information changes, This pandemic, and it’s affects on our facility, is very fluid. The situation can change within hours, or a day.

Thank you for your ongoing support for Fort Hudson. A huge thank you to all the families and friends who have been extraordinarily generous with meals, encouragement and prayers,,,it is truly appreciated.


4-16-2020 Update:
On behalf of the entire Fort Hudson team, we thank everyone for the continued support – messages, food delivery, fabric masks, to name a few. It is a kindness shown to our team – and we very much appreciate it. In an effort to ensure that we are all working with the same information, we thought it helpful to provide an update on our Covid-19 action plan:

As previously communicated – Fort Hudson was directed to admit Covid-19 positive cases to the nursing center. We developed a Transition Unit, and successfully implemented it with one admission. It worked well, staff stepped up to voluntarily cover shifts, and it minimized transmission within the rest of the building. At this time, we do not have anyone else scheduled for this Unit. Secondary to this subject, we also want to share new information. Recent data from CDC indicates individuals may continue to show a test positive reading, despite no longer being infectious AND long after recovery has occurred. For this reason, repeat testing until a negative result, is no longer the recommended practice. Instead, other medical/clinical measures are being used. Fort Hudson clinicians are working to ensure our action plan reflects this new information.

Fort Hudson continues to be extremely vigilant with monitoring all residents for any illness. In an abundance of caution, if any resident presents with ANY Covid-19 like symptoms (fever, respiratory) we immediately exercise strict precautions and initiate a Covid-19 Test. To date, all tests we have implemented have been negative. However, in the event we do have a future test positive, additional steps will be taken; including notification of all family members related to that specific unit.

Recently, media reported on infection rates of Covid-19 within nursing homes. As a society, we all recognize the vulnerability of nursing home residents in relation to this virus. Fort Hudson continues to take extraordinary measures for prevention, and we are proud of the fact that since this started, our existing residents have remained Covid-19 free. We continue to exercise full screening of each staff member prior to each shift – including temperature check &, full masking.. But, we are also realistic that at some point we can, and perhaps will, have cases within our program. Despite best practices in infection control, there is a significant percentage of individuals silently carrying the virus, who never show symptoms. This percentage of people could realistically include some of our employees. Statistically, over 50% of all nursing homes across NYS currently have positive cases. It is believed that the silent carrier is how a ‘cluster’ occurs very quickly within a nursing facility.

We hope you find this email helpful. As an informed family member, you can also be an informed viewer (reader) of local and national media regarding nursing homes and Covid-19. We know that we are ALL working to defend against a silent, undetected virus. Thank you for your continued respect of the no visitation regulations. Thank you for your support of our team’s efforts. If we do find ourselves managing positive cases, we know that TOGETHER – we are Fort Hudson Strong!


4-3-2020 Update:

As you are likely aware, the Post Star featured an article that outlined Fort Hudson’s strategy to manage NYS Dept. of Health mandates regarding discharges of COVID-19 positive or presumed positive cases from area hospitals.    I would like to expand upon the article with additional information.

I must point out that this directive is part of the NYS Department of Health’s plan to address the expanding situation; it is not Fort Hudson’s independent initiative. Fort Hudson strongly believes that placing Covid-19 positive residents in our environment is ill-advised.  We have communicated this to the Department of Health.  Other nursing home providers share our concerns.  However, until such time as the Dept. of Health amends its policy, we are subject to the requirements they set in place.

As this is a requirement, we are doing our best to manage this within our facility in the best way possible.  We are taking extraordinary steps to implement this policy in a way that minimizes the risk to any of our existing residents.  As indicated in the Post Star article, we are lucky to have available space that will be dedicated specifically to managing positive cases.  This Transitional Unit is spacious, allows for distancing between residents, and allows staff access without entering any other designated resident wing.

As a correction from the Poststar article – at no time would a Covid-19 positive resident be anywhere other than thisspecified area.  All Therapy Services will be at bedside and scheduled as the last session provided.  At all times, staff will be in full protective personal equipment.  Procedurally, this therapy method is well-established practice for any isolation situation.  Although this area of the building has been created due to the mandates in place, it will also serve as a specialized treatment area for existing residents, if there comes a time that high community prevalence in general results in a test positive on our regular units.  This Transitional Unit would serve as a safe area to recuperate under very personalized conditions.

While the current situation creates justifiable anxiety and concern, our staff are well trained in the practices of isolation procedures.  “Droplet Precautions”, which is the required strategy for many viruses including Covid-19, have been routinely implemented in our setting for years.

We share the concerns you may have with the current DOH policy.  We don’t take them lightly.     We are taking every possible (perhaps extraordinary) precaution to fulfill our responsibility to the local healthcare community, while putting forth diligent efforts to protect our residents.  I would like to thank those who have reached out – both with words of support for our approach, as well as dismay over this state mandate.   We always welcome family feedback, and our team is here to answer any of your questions.

As always, thank you for your ongoing confidence in Fort Hudson.  I encourage you to check our web site regularly for COVID-19 updates (we post up as needed), as well as follow Fort Hudson Health System’s Facebook Page.  There you will find the most up to date information and activities within the organization.


Amanda Ann Waite, LNHA, BS, MHA

Administrator of Fort Hudson Nursing Center


3-27-2020 Update: Late this week, the NYS Dept. of Health issued an Advisory to all nursing homes & hospitals. The advisory states nursing homes cannot deny admission to a patient based on their COVID-19 status. This advisory is in response to current (or anticipated) capacity issues in some hospitals. It is intended to assure that patients who no longer require acute care, are not occupying hospital beds unnecessarily.
It is Fort Hudson’s position that introducing the virus in any manner to a nursing home environment, unless there is an identifiable emergency hospital capacity situation, is ill-advised. We have communicated our concerns to the Dept. of Health. Please recognize that at all times, Fort Hudson must work within directives set forth by NYS.
Due to the extraordinary effort by all staff, and the cooperation of family and friends – we are glad to report we have remained free of active cases over the past two weeks. Given the rising prevalence in the community, we do recognize that positive cases will become likely at some point in time.
Fort Hudson strives to be as prepared as possible for any situation that arises. We have the necessary equipment, training and expertise to properly care for an individual deemed to be non-acute, but has tested (or presumed) positive for Covid-19. Our team has developed contingency plans to safely provide care, while minimizing risk to other residents and staff.
Rest assured, Fort Hudson will do what is needed to serve our residents, and our community, during these challenging times.


3-25-2020 Update:  As part of Staff Education, we share information with our team to teach prevention. This video clip may be helpful to those throughout the community. Click the link for video (make sure sound is on).
Together united…Community strong

How germs spread

handwash basics


3-20-2020 Update: Fort Hudson Goes Remote

In an effort to reduce the exposure potential in the nursing facility and across all programs, Fort Hudson has implemented an expansive effort to shift employees to work from home, or where necessary reassigned to remote work areas to segment key employees.  All programs will continue to have a limited number of essential staff on site, but many have been set up for remote work. This includes care management, home care, certified home health staff, business office, and human resources.  The Oaks staff is on reduced on-site hours.  In the event further reductions are necessary for the health and safety of our clients, contingency plans have been established for rapid implementation.

Although this has required significant redesign of work processes, it should feel seamless to our clients and the community.  Thank you for our continued support and patience during this challenging time.


3-19-2020 Update on Fort Hudson Nursing Center Family/Resident Communication:  We know it is difficult to put visits on hold with your loved ones to prevent the spread of coronavirus.  Meeting the emotional and psychological needs of our residents is extremely important to all of us here at Fort Hudson.  We would like to assist our residents in contacting family members via Telephone, Face Time, Google Duo, or Zoom Meeting. 

High-definition video calling via Face Time, Google Duo, or Zoom Meeting provides a level of communication that isn’t available on a telephone call. It helps residents avoid feelings of social isolation.  We have used this with some residents already and the joy experienced, even as a short video conversation, has been an amazing and uplifting experience for all.

This offering will give the opportunity to receive phone calls, both voice and video, from your loved ones via the platforms named above.  Our staff is prepared to assist all residents in contacting their designated family member at least one time each week or more, if time permits.  If you desire to engage in a weekly communication with your loved one, please reply to: [email protected] and provide the following information:

  1. Your Name
  2. Name of the resident you wish to have contact you
  3. Your telephone number that will be used for contact (ie. I-phone, android, land line)
  4. Platform you wish to use for contact (choose one)
    1. Face Time – for use with i-phones only
    2. Google Duo – for use with Android or IOS Smart phones, or Computers
    3. Telephone – no video connection- voice only
    4. Zoom Meeting – a scheduled video meeting using your computer
  5. Day of the week you wish to receive a weekly call
  6. Time of the day you are available to take the call
    1. Early Morning – 7am – 9am
    2. Late Morning – 9am-noon
    3. Early Afternoon – 1pm -3pm
    4. Late Afternoon – 3pm – 5pm
    5. Evening –   6pm – 8pm

We thank you for partnering with us to care for your loved ones.  If you have any questions about this program, please feel free to include any questions in your reply and I will be sure they are answered in a timely manner. Thank you!  Peg Brady Director of Therapeutic Recreation & Volunteers

3-19-2020 – Oaks Update: We continue to promote community social distancing, hand washing, and hand sanitizer to minimize the spread of virus.  We have distributed a list of local retail grocery stores that participate in either pick up or delivery of groceries.  We have modified some common areas to provide more “distance friendly” space for folks to gather and do their personal tabletop activities, exercise, and movies.  Click the link below for latest OAKS update oaks update 3-18-20



3-16-19 Oaks Update: As many people are asking about The Oaks Senior Apartments, we want to communicate our current practices.  Education, tools, and Social Distancing are our current methods of approach.  At this time, visitors are allowed to enter the Oaks building.  However, each tenant has been asked to do their part to minimize exposure to illness.  Each tenant has a 5-question visitor screen, which incorporates health and travel questions provided by Dept. of Public Health / CDC.  Additionally, signage is posted at all entry points to emphasize symptoms of illness (fever, shortness of breath, cough, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat, nausea, vomiting and/or diarrhea) that would require someone NOT to visit.  The Oaks remains committed to the safety and well-being of all tenants.   Effective today, we have postponed all group activities/gatherings.  We have also postponed dine-in meal service.  We currently offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner delivery to each apartment for anyone wishing to utilize our dining meal services.  The attached link is the most recent Oaks Update provided to each apartment throughout our community.   oaks corona letter 3-16-20  Anyone with questions regarding The Oaks can contact us at 518-747-2811 ext. 245.



3-15-2020 Update:  Fort Hudson has implemented additional employee screening procedures to minimize the potential spread of COVID-19.

All employees must be screened upon entry to the facility, to include having your temperature taken.  Screening will be done at the time clock, front lobby and home care lobby.  Employees MUST GO DIRECTLY to one of these locations when arriving for work.  Further instruction is available at these locations.

At this time, there are no reported positive cases in Warren or Washington Counties.



3-13-2020 Update:

Due to the evolving nature of the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak, and in accordance with the recently issued NYS Directive, Fort Hudson Nursing Center is implementing a NO VISITOR policy, effective immediately.  Several contingency plans are being put in place to assure residents and family members are able to remain connected during this difficult time.  Family  members will be provided additional information, or they may contact the Nurse Manager or Social Worker for any questions.

We do apologize for this temporary inconvenience, but we are committed to maintaining the safest environment possible for our visit sign




3-12-2020 Update: Important Information for Fort Hudson Employees – Risk Screen to be Implemented Immediately.  Fort Hudson continues to take a proactive approach to minimize the risk of transmitting COVID-19.  All employees MUST assure that they do not meet any of the risks identified by CDC prior to entering the nursing facility. CLICK THIS HYPERLINK for more information Employee letter and screen Mar 11 2020








3-11-2020 Update: The COVID-19 Coronavirus is known to be extremely dangerous to the elderly and those with underlying chronic conditions.  Therefore, we discourage any visitation at this time.  As recommended by the CDS and CMS, additional visitation precautions and restrictions are being implemented at Fort Hudson Nursing Center today, March 11th, 2020.

All visitors will be SCREENED upon entry to identify risk factors that may be present.  If risk factors are identified, entry will not be allowed.
*Visitor entry will be limited 9:00 am to 5:00 PM daily.

* No outside group will be permitted entry – and only individual or small groups will be screened.
* Information on COVID – 19 will be available, along with masks and hand sanitizing stations at entrances.
In the event visitation is determined to be essential for the health and well-being of the resident, Social Work and Nursing should be consulted for alternative solutions.

On behalf of our residents and staff, we thank friends and family of Fort Hudson for their anticipated understanding and cooperation demonstrated during this challenging time.Visiting hours sign

Due to the expanding COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak, Fort Hudson is strictly enforcing visiting restrictions.  These restrictions are required by the NYS Department of Health and subject to change.  Refer to COVID-19 Coronavirus Update: visitor restrictions for related information.

Fort Hudson Health System
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