Fort Hudson's Senior Care News & Events for Warren, Washington and Saratoga Counties

Living at Fort Hudson

For John and Claire Coto, residing on the Fort Hudson campus means they can still be together each and everyday.  Something that for the nearly 53 year married couple, is VERY important to them.  Claire & John can often be found visiting between one building or the other.  Claire, who resides at The Oaks Independent…
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Temporary Phone System Outage in the Area, Including Fort Hudson

Attention all who may be trying to call Fort Hudson.Please read the following information from our carrier: [Prime Link customers in the areas of Glens Falls, Queensbury, Hudson Falls, and Fort Edward are currently experiencing a voice and data disruption. The disruption is being caused by localized damage to the fiber infrastructure. Staff have been dispatched…
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Fort Hudson Drop Location for PROJECT: CAMERON’s STORY

Interested in helping a worthy cause? From Jan 10th through Feb 20th, Fort Hudson will be a drop spot for Project: Cameron’s Story. This is a local charity that collects & distributes books to families with babies in local Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU). The goal is to provide a bonding experience between families and…
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All Fort Hudson Staff: Details on Upcoming Employee Recognition Night!

ALL STAFF: please join us for the Annual Fort Hudson Employee Recognition Night! Friday, February 1st at 5:15PM. The event is held in the Mohican Ballroom at the Six Flags Great Escape Lodge. Cash bar, dinner, entertainment, and recognition program for your colleagues hitting career milestones! RSVP REQUIRED — deadline for response no later than…
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Nursing Center Renovation Project Update

We are excited to report that the first phase is moving along swiftly, with exterior excavation and foundation work almost complete for A and B Wings.  Exterior work will now shift to the G-Wing Courtyard. Things to watch for during the upcoming weeks – interior work will begin on A, B, and G wings.  Corridors…
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Feature of the Day: Happy 102 Birthday to Mig Pronto

Feature of the day: Marguerite (Mig) Pronto with her daughter Joyce, celebrating Mig’s 102 birthday! Her secret when asked, “…don’t fuss over small things, love your husband, & take things as they come!” Happy birthday Mig!

Kindness Matters: Fort Hudson gives a Shout Out to Care Management Staff

Kindness Matters! A shout out to Kate B. from our FH Care Management Team. As pictured, she can be seen delivering a Thanksgiving Meal provided through the efforts of ‘teachable moments to the children” of her Friendsgiving gathering! Way to go Kate! 🙂

RENOVATION PROJECT UPDATE: Phase 1 is underway! Here’s the details…

Renovation Project Update: we are excited to report Phase 1 will be underway this week! Initially, all work will be exterior. Interior work will begin in early December (more detail to follow as we get closer). Here’s what you should expect to see in the coming days: Construction Fencing will be placed around the patio…
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Attention all FH STAFF: open enrollment is here! This is your annual opportunity to re-enroll, add, delete, or change benefit coverage. I-Navigator portal will be open from Nov 5-16. Information Meetings will be held in the downstairs conference room at the Nsg. Center on the following days/times: Mon – Nov. 5 — 10:00am, 1:30PM, 2:30PM…
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