Fort Hudson Proudly Announces DEFICIENCY FREE SURVEY

Fort Hudson Nursing Center recently achieved the high distinction of having a deficiency free survey by the NYS Department of Health.  This annual Medicare/Medicaid Recertification Survey occurs over 4 or more days by a team of DOH surveyors.  Their intensive review covers all aspects of operation, regulations, resident care and medical services.  As expected, the…
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Fort Hudson Home Care IS GROWING with approved program expansion!

We are pleased to announce that FH Homecare was just approved to offer 2 additional programs as part of the NHTD (Nursing Home Transition & Diversion program) AND TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury program). The first program – WELLNESS COUNSELING is designed to help a medically stable person, who generally does not access nursing service, to…
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ALL Nursing Center Staff: Mandatory Inservice Schedule

Staff Education will be running an Inservice (4 topics covered) throughout the week.  All staff should plan to attend this mandatory program.   Location: Jane McCrea Room Duration: one (1) hour Topics: MSDS, Fire / Safety, Emergency Preparedness Monday, March 4 – 10:00 am  AND  2:00pm Tuesday, March 5 – 9:0opm  AND  10:00pm Wednesday, March 6 – 1:30pm…
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