Fort Hudson receives national spotlight!  As most know, FHNC enterted the digital age almost 2 years ago with the change to Electronic Health Records (EHR).  This rollout was successful in large part to the dedication of our “super users” (staff & trainers).  Now, our national association, LEADING AGE, has asked Fort Hudson to share our…
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A community effort!

The Hudson Falls American Legion Post 574 Colorguard recently made a special trip to Fort Hudson.  Through the handiwork of a member’s wife, the colorguard presented beautiful quilts for residents in tribute to the veterans.  During the presentation, “America the Beautiful” was sung.  Special thanks to the post, and Fort Hudson’s own Mike Eggleston, for helping to brighten…
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Health Update: new recommendations on the Whooping Cough Vaccine

The Fort Hudson Health Office is encouraging all staff & visitors to discuss their need for the T-dap vaccine (the whooping cough vaccine). The Center for Disease Control (CDC) is reccomending that all adults that didn’t recieve a dose previously, now consider discussing this with their Primary Care Physicians. Most insurances are covering the vaccine.  For more information click the…
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