Halloween Photo Gallery

check out Fort Hudson’s Facebook page for an album of staff costumes!  Simply go to the home page and click on the facebook icon.  You don’t need to have an account — the album will automatically open!  Happy Halloween to one and all!

No Dumb Ways to Save: 12 Super Easy Ways to Stash Away More Money

Granted, some of these tricks are a tad out there. But what’s really insane is the fact that 60 percent of Americans don’t have emergency savings. So try what works for money experts and smarty-pants REDBOOK readers.   1. CHARGE IT TO DISNEY There’s just no avoiding it: Kids always ask for candy in the…
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Update: Dining Service Changes are now happening!

  Menu selection, wait service, plates prepared right in the dining room…sounds like an upscale restaurant? Or just another step Fort Hudson is taking to enhance the quality of life for our nursing facility residents? Already, throughout the facility, every dining area is undergoing a cultural shift and eliminating preplated meals, preferring inst…ead the home-style…
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Community Interest Series: Bullying

Fort Hudson’s Community Interest Series continues….children are NOT the only group that can be bullied. It’s important to know how to deal with a bully regardless of age. How To Stand Up To Adult Bullies Bullying is supposed to be a junior high thing, but everyone knows it doesn’t always end when childhood does. Today…
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Staff Benefits: Open Enrollment for all Insurances

Open Enrollment is now taking place for all Fort Hudson employees.  This is the window of opportunity for staff to enroll in a new insurance plan, or make changes to an existing plan.  Enrollment opportunities exist for the following plans: MVP Health Plan, Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Community Blue, Guardian Dental, and Guardian Vision.  Additionally,…
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Education Update: Tips on How to Help a Child Who is Being Bullied

Many of Fort Hudson’s staff have school age children, and one of the most important topics facing kids today is bullying.  In an effort to boost awareness on this topic, we make the following tips available… If your child is being bullied, there are specific things you can do to help them. All children need…
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Fort Hudson Graduates Recognized

CONGRATULATIONS to the following staff for completing PCA requirements. Martha C, Karen T, Jared D, Shawna P, Hailey B, Terri M, Jessica F, and Danielle M. Additional CONGRATULATIONS to Deb R. & Amanda N. for completing CNA certification exams. We are proud of you all — great job!

EAT DESSERT FIRST: a change in routine makes mealtime fun!

“Life is short, eat dessert first” might have some basis in reality, but so do parenting guidelines, an obesity epidemic and the department of social services. Alas, where does one find the balance between responsible mealtimes and mealtime fun? You’ve probably heard enough about healthy, balanced meals and mealtime rituals that nurture good eating habits:…
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3 Everyday Tips for Immune Support

You already know you need to eat well to stay healthy, but scientists are now zeroing in on specific diet strategies that can help bolster immunity. With cold and flu season right around the corner, here are three to add to your arsenal. 1. Fill Your Vitamin D Tank. You may have fewer health problems—ranging…
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