Skilled Nursing Services at Fort Hudson Nursing Center

Since inception, Fort Hudson Nursing Center has provided outstanding 24-hour skilled nursing care. The campus offers landscaped grounds, convenient parking, and the familiarity of remaining part of the local community.

As a not-for-profit provider, Fort Hudson’s mission is to fulfill the health needs of seniors within this community. We proudly embrace a Resident Centered Care Philosophy, identifying the best fit for individual’s needs and abilities, within the most appropriate care environment. Fort Hudson offers designated program areas throughout the facility, including the follow levels of care:

Rehabilitation, Sub-acute, and Medically-Complex Care: short term stay for adults with clearly defined goals to discharge back to the community.

Independent-Limited Care: long term stay for adults requiring a limited support environment. This level of care emphasized the highest goals of self-directed activity.

Early Stage Dementia Care: long term stay for adults with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias. This level of care emphasizes specialized programming within a secure environment.

Advanced Stage Dementia Care: long term stay for adults with moderate to advanced Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias. This level of care supports those requiring great physical assistance.

General Skilled Care: long term stay adults with the greatest need for clinical and physical assistance; including palliative care.

Strength, Stability, Tradition

Fort Hudson Nursing Center understands the important of choosing the right skilled care facility. Our objective is to provide residents with flexibility, meaningful use of time, and confidence with care. We are proud of the innovative programs and service that benefit residents and their families.

At Fort Hudson you will be provided:

  • Clinical service including nursing, medical, nutritional and therapy programs
  • Leisure pursuits including person and group education, spiritual, entertainment activities
  • In-house and community volunteer opportunities
  • Wheelchair-accessible transportation for outings, civic events, medial appointments
  • Personalized care management with family support networks, referral and education programs
  • Flexible personal dining and guest dining options
  • Landscaped campus for outdoor options
  • Modern lounges with digital TV, internet access

Fort Hudson offers a personal opportunity to meet staff, tour the facility, and experience Fort Hudson’s commitment to senior health care.